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8:57 AM 7/6/2019 - This incident should be investigated very thoroughly, it might provide the clues to the larger issues: Who was the man who "accompanied" Cline's daughter, who was the $1M contributor to Trump's Inaguration, who died with them in a crash? Was he Russian, Ukranian, European with some Mob connections, etc.?

Updates: 10:26 AM 7/6/2019 Press reports contain a number of inconsistencies and contradictory information, pointing also to the need to investigate thoroughly; the press reports might contain the deliberately inserted disinformation. M.N.  chris cline - Google Search Saturday July 6 th , 2019  at  10:19 AM "Cline would have turned 61 on Friday. His daughter, Kameron Cline, 22, was aboard the helicopter with him, according to a family statement. Bahamas police identified the other victims as David Jude, 56, of Kentucky; Brittney Layne Searson, 21, of Florida; Jillian Nicole Clark, 22, of Los Angeles; and Delaney Lee Wykle, 22, of Washington. The pilot was identified as Geoffrey Lee Painter, 52, of the United Kingdom." - 10:00 AM 7/6/2019 M.N.: The answers to the previous questions apparently are: one of the men was an old friend of the family, another one was a pilot. But this is not completely clear.  __________________________________________