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9:51 PM 7/18/2019 - Who is behind Epstein? The Questions for Investigations.

9:51 PM 7/18/2019 - Who is behind Epstein?   "Epstein wasn’t just a serial child rapist, he was acting as some kind of hub for other child rapists and sexual assaulters", says Palmer.   I will second Palmer, I agree with him. I also have the impression that Jeffrey Epstein was more of a "supplier" for his clients, to keep them pleased, whatever pleased them (and him).  Was Mr. Trump one of his "clients"?  Were Epstein and Melania lovers, as I asked previously?  What were the circumstances of his introduction of Melania to Trump?  Were there money or some exchange involved, for his services?  Did Trump and his FBI friends play any role in investigations and prosecutions of Epstein, overtly or covertly? What are Epstein's connections to the TOC: Slovenian, Balkan, Russian, German, and to the corresponding Intelligence Services?  Who were Epstein's clients?  What were Epstein's relations with the Deutsche Bank?  Who is be