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Joseph McCarthy Congressional Hearings - YouTube | 7:56 AM 10/16/2019 - Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠ In 25 Posts

Roy Cohn and his Mama America: of his perceptions and  observations, and he had a lot of them, of the American High Society and his mobsters clients-friends. His silent and ever present companion, his "doll", the America of his conceptions, impressions, judgments, and the self-deceptions.  Roy Cohn was from the old, pre-WW2 German Jewish families (his family history is interesting and telling: his lawyer father was promised the judgeship if he married his mother), and he looks like a Nazi to me.  Abwehr was the Jewish and the semi-Jewish Intelligence organisation, and I am sure that they did not miss to recruit him, and very early, maybe at birth. The rest became the elaborate play of the intelligence operation The Red Scare, performed with the gusto and perfection of the Abwehr's planners and strategists. And this seems to explain "almost everything", from the McCarthyism to Trumpism. I think, it is very likely that Cohn hated America, on some deep