America On The Road To Dictatorship: Trump, Trumpism, FBI, and the New Abwehr - By Michael Novakhov - Last Update: 3:10 PM 5/1/2019

"We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well intentioned the leaders of these companies may be. Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American. 
It is time to break up Facebook... Mark Zuckerberg cannot fix Facebook, but our government can."

Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook

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America On The Road To Dictatorship: Trump, Trumpism, FBI, and the New Abwehr - By Michael Novakhov - Last Update: 1:07 PM 5/1/2019

The Road To Dictatorship: The Facebook Censors and the FBI's Disorientation. Like? No Like! FBI + Facebook = Dictatorship 

By Michael Novakhov

I support Mr. Barr's plan to investigate the FBI; with the proviso that this investigation has to be non-partisan, non-political, objective, comprehensive, in-depth, and practical, namely, the reform oriented. 
Michael Novakhov

On The Road To Dictatorship - Summary and Introduction - By Michael Novakhov - Last Update: 3:31 PM 4/28/2019 - Page

Facebook and FBI are paving the royal Road to Dictatorship! Wake up, America! 

The Facebook, and their controller the FBI, are paving the royal road to the present and future dictatorships. Wake up, America! Investigate the investigators! Save the American Democracy! Reform the FBI now!

The Facebook CENSORSHIP does exactly what the New Abwehr and their asset Putin want: to restrict the freedom of information on the Internet, and despite his hypocritical assurances to the contrary

The FBI terrorized their vassal the Facebook into the construction of the virtual Panopticon Observation Prison, presided over by the archetypes of the Jewish Mother (and not the best version of this phenomenon), Sheryl Sandberg, and the glassy-eyed Jewish Accountant pretending to be the Face Of The World and Mr. Very Sociable himself,  Mark Zuckerberg. "Sheryl Sandberg’s Russia talk was an insult to our intelligence", noted the press. 

The question is, my dear America: why do you allow these entities and these people to decide how and with whom you should communicate, what news you should consume, and what kind of friends you should make? Isn't it much too much? Isn't it one of the roots of our current troubles? 

Facebook Calls For Censorship"In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called on governments to increase regulation of internet speech". 

"Sri Lanka social media shutdown reveals Facebook's Achilles' heel", mentions The Washington Post: "Facebook’s mission statement is to “bring the world closer together.” But its failure to rein in rampant misinformation and violent content could be the Achilles’ heel of its global ambitions."

"Facebook Could Face New Penalties In Addition To $3 Billion FTC Fine In Attorney General Probe", reports Forbes: "email contacts were automatically uploaded to Facebook, allegedly unbeknownst to the company. Passwords for the email addresses used were also collected for some users. The improperly obtained contacts were then used to improve ad-targeting algorithms on the social media platform. “Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect for consumer information while at the same time profiting from mining that data.” 

It is not the exaggeration to say that the modern politics are transformed by the Facebook, and this fact has the enormous significance. It appears that Facebook in fact, had prostituted itself for political purposes. Some of us say that they betrayed America and her values, just like Manafort, and his operating arm, the Cambridge Analytica

Replace Facebook with the not for profit business model, make it better, truly social, and maybe even "socialist", and "free", in all senses. It would fit it to the "T". 

The profit motives and drivers in the Information field, just like in Medicine, are inappropriate, dysfunctional, and counterproductive. The State should carry the expenses, which are minimal, if not just symbolic, for the maintenance of the Social Media Platforms. If the traditional media justified their charges by the expenses on ink and paper (with expenditures on good thinking and ideas in the very distant from those costs numbers), the digital costs simply cannot be justified at all at this stage and age. The Social Media users build their castles in the air, and the owners of the Social Media platforms and companies collect the rent; in the very nice and tangible real life pennies. The relative value of the good thinking and ideas went up, and the state should protect, defend, and nurture them, for it is them that drive the economic and social progress. The current "free for all" - "Free Enterprise" system breeds crooks, swindlers, liars, and psychopaths, and the current troubles demonstrate this vividly. We as the humans are better than that. 

From: PBSNewsHour
Duration: 07:51
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., asked Attorney General William Barr during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing what he plans to do to rebuild trust in the Department of Justice and the FBI, which has what she called an “unhealthy work culture.” Barr defended the institutions, saying any overreach during the Russia probe was by “a few people at the top” who thought they “knew better than the American people.”

The FBI is the second part of this explosive equation. 

The FBI and the Facebook together, almost imminently, make the perfect recipe for the potential disaster of dictatorship. Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! This is my mantra for the last several years, and I am not tired of repeating it. FBI is a very sick, Mafia and Nazi style type of the organisation staffed with shrewd but brainless and soulless psychopaths. It has to be studied and researched in depth. 

The FBI was thoroughly penetrated by the Nazis, the Canaris' Abwehr, and the Mobsters; and these are just the two parts of the same phenomenon connected to and by Abwehr, a long time ago, even before the WW2, and much more so after it, according to my impressions. Former Nazis were hired by the FBI en masse, and the true extent of this problem might exceed anyone's imagination. 

The German espionage in America was rampant, especially before and after the WW2, and the FBI under Hoover was not able to deal with it and to contain it, not the industrial one, and much less the political one. 

The FBI became infected with the slow but persistent virus of the German Military Intelligence, the Abwehr; and it was turned into the deceptive and invisible weapon which destroys America from within. 

From the Canaris Directive: "We have at our command in the United States efficient contacts, which have been carefully kept up even during the war." 

The New Abwehr Hypothesis of the Operation Trump puts this and the other historical calamities after the WW2 into a neat and convincing perspective. This is the largely under-researched area, and very likely due to the Abwehr's deliberate disinformation and the sophisticated use of covers. 

"Are there continuing counterintelligence investigations against Trump and his associates? There are many redactions in the Mueller report, so at this juncture we simply don’t know."

The FBI's sick, unlawful, low, cynical, gypsy mentality type "secrets" and "mysteries" have to be exposed and revealed. This stupid, brainless, ever hungry, dysfunctional, ugly Beast feeds on America and her people. They are worse than KGB and Gestapo, and they are stupider too. 

For example, their "hair analysts" gave the wrong testimonies and sent the innocent people to prison simply because they wanted to "make the grade", to please their superiors, and to move up the ladder. 

And in addition to all that, they are simply incompetent and are not able to carry out their duties properly. 

I also think that the FBI is the major threat to the sanity and the mental health of the American people. In a society where one half informs on the other half, there cannot be trust and the healthy interpersonal relationships. FBI, with its crude and outdated Nazi-KGB tactics, and inefficient security wise at that, undermines the very structure and the texture of the modern American society. They function as the "vice squad" - the moral police, and as the political police, despite all their half-hearted protestations. These two areas are easy for them to understand (or so they think), especially "sex", and the little nincompoops impose and enforce their norms (primitive, police and "law and order" oriented, largely Catholic, and the product of the lower to middle class mentality) on the rest of society. 

This is the road to social degeneration. The FBI and the similar structures and agencies should understand their proper and complex role in our society. They feel that they should prove their worth to society while they have very little of it, and if anything, are detrimental to the healthy functioning of the society. 

As strange as it might sound (or not "strange" at all), the sophisticated, civil and civilized, proper electronic surveillance should replace the obviously sick, pathological by its nature, the institute and practice of informants, which comes from the old historical European traditions and was perfected by Abwehr. 

The FBI "COINTELPRO specialists" literally and deliberately drive America crazy, and those very talanted artistic nincompoops sincerely believe, in accordance with their limited intellectual capacities, that this is exactly their job to do. They became the inspiring model for the many monstrous "secret security services" around the world, and lately for the Israeli private spying firms who developed and expanded ad criminal absurdum the COINTELPRO tactics and techniques. Read about those firms activities and interference in 2016 Elections

cartoon - Carpeta

The FBI practiced their infamous COINTELPRO in Puerto Rico for years, extensively and intensively, with the special vindictive gusto, after the 1954 attack on Congress by the Puerto Rican nationalists, and they, along with the Puerto Rico Police Department, still continue practicing this stinking craft, on the level of the village idiots. The Island's historical legacy as the old Spanish penal colony created the friendly ground for this total and quasi-totalitarian surveillance, informing, and the intimidation society. This circumstance stilted the Island's progress, its economic, cultural, and political growth, according to some opinions.

The Russian interference in Elections 2016 was convincingly demonstrated by the Mueller Investigation. But in fact, there were many different and various attempts at interference, which is nothing new historically and conceptually: the interference of Germans who spy on America habitually, extensively, and almost openly; the Russians who always follow in the German footsteps, and now the cohorts of the others: Chinese, Ukrainians, Israelis, Oligarchs, Arabs, etc., etc. But ultimately the players are the Global Russian Jewish Israeli Mafia, and they in turn are ruled by the New Abwehr. 
Undoubtedly, it was also the interference, largely invisible, by the FBI, and there were, also to be exact, many various attempts at interference by the FBI various factions and players. It is a big question if this aspect was addressed in Mueller Investigation, and how adequately it was addressed. 

Many have the strong suspicions that a certain, pro-Trump faction of the FBI‘s upper echelons, possibly represented by Kallstrom (reportedly, Trump’s old childhood friend), and the Giuliani circles, (reportedly very close to the New York branch of the FBI), might have been a prominent part of this conspiracy against the U.S., or the so called FBI NY branch cabal, or according to  Sidney Blumenthal: “Cabal Of Right-Wing FBI Agents” who “Took Down Hillary In A “Coup D’Etat”. Both of them, Kallstrom and Giuliani,  apparently, and again, reportedly, and assumingly, aspired to lead the FBI after Trump’s win. 

It is also my suspicion that the FBI engineered the Abedin – Weiner email affair as their sexual-political “sting operation”, which is an old, familiar and the favorite trick in both their own and Mr. Putin’s political toolboxes.  In these circumstances, the question that logically and inevitably arises, is: What was the degree of cooperation between them and the Russians? This is the big and the important question, and it has to be addressed and answered. This affair led to the October 28, 2016 Letter, which in the opinion of the pollsters, now broadly accepted, did decide the outcome of the elections, along with other factors. 

The question about how the hundreds of thousands of emails (650,000) ended up on Abedin – Weiner laptop, remains essentially unanswered. Who planted them there and with whose help?

The FBI's structure and mentality are of the same hired thugs of the Pinkerton Agency, their amoral but practical mommy. The problem is that the FBI acquired or accumulated the monopoly on Police Powers which can be quite formidable in any culture. 

The today's society appears to outgrow the need for these types of the ugly and perverse monopolies on Power; on both the Communications Powers of the Facebook and the Police Powers of the FBI, to be specific. These monopolies have to be broken. 

The Multilayered Model of the Intelligence Services, with the overlapping responsibilities, appears to be the best, historically formed alternative. Do not trust any of them entirely, and let them all spy on each other; the accuracy of intelligence assessments and the efficiency of response and prevention will benefit. None of them should have a monopoly on Intelligence Work. The Intelligence Analysis should strive to approach the accuracy standards of the Medical Diagnosis. The Intelligence Analysis (and the same of course for the Counterintelligence Analysis) should be based on the principles of the Medical Diagnosis and it should be guided by the motto "The Truth, the only Truth, and nothing but the Truth". This way the poison of the politicization could hopefully be avoided. 

And we better research and investigate all of the above, my dear America! 

We should not forget that in Nazi Germany the road to dictatorship was through the elections. 

Speak the Truth to Power, not the sanitized versions of it. 


We do not need the monopolies on Power and Information. These monopolies, the Facebook and the FBI, are paving the royal road to Dictatorship! 

The FBI's roles and the possible interference in Elections 2016 are multifaceted and complex, and they have to be investigated and to be understood properly. 
We need to understand what happened, starting from 1990-s, and encompassing both the 9/11 and The Elections 2016. The Operations Trump and 9/11, these two epochal events do seem to be closely related, they appear to be the connecting links of the same mysterious chain, as it was noted by many other observers. 

I support Mr. Barr's plan to investigate the FBI; with the proviso that this investigation has to be non-partisan, non-political, objective, comprehensive, in-depth, and practical, namely, the reform oriented. 

From the recent tweets: 

"Bring the class action law suit against the FBI for the deliberately and maliciously inducing the mental illness, and for mental pain and suffering. This Nazi-Mobsters criminal gang, the FBI, will go out of business very fast." - M.N. - 3:10 PM 5/1/2019

3:43 AM 4/30/2019 - Intelligence Agencies: "money-grubbing, thuggish, and self-interested caste of spooks" - The Spycraft Revolution – Foreign PolicyApril 30, 2019

And so on, and so on...

4.25.19 - 5.1.19


On The Road To Dictatorship: Trump, Trumpism, FBI, and the New Abwehr - Web Review - By Michael Novakhov

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Bring the class action law suit against the FBI for the deliberately and maliciously inducing the mental illness, and for mental pain and suffering. This Nazi-Mobsters criminal gang, the FBI, will go out of business very fast. - M.N. - 11:16 AM 4/27/2019
— Michael Novakhov (@MichaelNovakhov) April 27, 2019




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