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"Early and undetected introduction of the virus into the city, probably in mid- to late January..."

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"There was almost certainly an early and undetected introduction of the virus into the city, probably in mid- to late January... “There are no answers,” Dr. Monto said." - 

This is very logical insight, and I agree with it completely. It also means, that this "undetected introduction" was active, deliberate, vigorous, strong, and planned; in a few words, the result of the sophisticated special Intelligence or Terrorist Operation, in my humble opinion. The situation in Italy is also both puzzling and telling, and it also points in the same direction. 
The routes of transmission are also still! uncertain: 
  • "direct contact", which was highlighted as the main one, despite its rather vague meaning, in the official Chinese reports, 
  • airborne transmission, 
  • and fecal-oral route, which was described relatively recently. 
See my blogs for more details. 
The following aspects also evoke some questions: 
  • Different patterns of epidemic in different countries
  • Very broad discrepancies in the rates of illness and deaths: from 0 to 10%. 
  • Practically, absence of the epidemic in Russia, East Germany, and the Eastern European countries. 

All these and other related issues have to be researched and addressed.  
One does not have to be the epidemiologist to come to the same conclusions that they shared in this article: it is simple, old fashioned COMMON SENSE! 

Michael Novakhov | 8:03 AM 3/26/2020 

8:05 AM 3/25/2020 – Why New York? Because that’s where the GRU – Russian Mafia agents are…

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8:05 AM 3/25/2020 – Why New York? Because that’s where the GRU – Russian Mafia agents are – they spread the infection, on Putin’s orders! And Trump knows this, and does not dare to open his mouth and say something to his Puppet Master! | #FBI #FBINews #CIA #ODNI #USIntelligence #USMilitary #DIA

This is the sign at Putin’s last year “Big Press Conference”: “Give [him] POISON”.
Putin attributed this to the “American machinations” and responded: “I will give you YOUR Poison, be sure of it” – Ryazan Tatar Vindictive Bitch! And here we are! 
The “Chinese Virus” is just the masterful semi-transparent cover, the real targets were the U.S., New York, and the Western European countries, from the beginning, as always. 
It is very likely that Russian Mafia controls NYC and the NYC Branch of the FBI. 
I suspect that they want to drive down the Real Estate prices in Westchester, to buy it up, to bridge it with the North Bronx, where they have Russian diplomatic property, and to create the chock-hold on NYC, controlling its communications with the upstate NY and cutting it off, when and if needed. This is a military style of operational thinking and planning. 
All of this has to be looked into, I think, including the strategic attitude towards Putin and Putinism. This is long, long overdue; it seems. 
The Urals Oil prices around $20-15 are helpful but will not do it alone. The Diabolical Mafiosi system of Putinism needs the push and the shove. 
Michael  Novakhov | 8:05 AM 3/25/2020
Coronavirus in N.Y.: ‘Astronomical’ Surge Leads to Quarantine Warning
White House officials expressed growing alarm on Tuesday about the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, advising people who have passed through or left the city to place themselves in a 14-day quarantine.
Officials warned that the outbreak could reach its peak in New York City much sooner than expected and said they had begun treating the region as a coronavirus hot zone, akin to areas of China and Europe overwhelmed by the virus.
About 60 percent of the new cases in the country were in the New York City metropolitan area, and the infection rate was eight to 10 times greater than other parts of the country, officials said at a briefing with the White House Coronavirus Task Force.
“Anyone in the New York metropolitan area who has traveled: Our task force is encouraging you to monitor your temperature, be sensitive to symptoms, and we are asking anyone who has traveled out of the New York City metropolitan area to anywhere else in the country to self-isolate for 14 days,” Vice President Mike Pence said.
“We have to deal with the New York City metropolitan area as a high-risk area,” he added...

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