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Trump and his Taxes - 10:43 AM 11/14/2019

Trump and his Taxes10:43 AM 11/14/2019 - Post Link
NEWSFederal Appeals Court Lets Stand Ruling That Congress Can Subpoena Trump Tax Returns NPR A U.S. appeals court opened the door for Congress to gain access to eight years of President Trump's tax records, setting the stage for a likely review ... Trump is floating another tax cut. But the last thing we need is more breaks for the rich. USA TODAY President Donald Trump has again hinted that another tax cut may be on the way. It does not appear he has any actual plan to provide one, which is ... Trump Tax Break To Help The Poor Went To a Rich GOP Donor's Superyacht Marina ProPublica Wealthy donors Wayne Huizenga Jr. and Jeff Vinik lobbied then-Gov. Rick Scott for the lucrative tax break — and won it. Poorer communities lost out. More tax cuts and negative rates: Trump reveals 2020 economy push CNN International New York (CNN Business) In his mostly scripted speech to the Economic Club of New York, the president revealed both his…