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M.N.: This is not just anti-Trump act. This is the Anti-American act on the part of the involved persons, who consider themselves the "world leaders", while in fact they are little nothings.


Wo da u zink, rebe Syoma? The American and British Friends of Anatevka: "If I were a rich man (with subtitles)" | From Mafiya to Mayfair: Firtash, Giuliani and the London Connection - 10:32 AM 12/4/2019

Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man (with subtitles)
10:32 AM 12/4/2019 - Post Link
"Russia is now exporting its values to the West, abetted by western politicians and oligarchs. They admire Putin’s social model and suck up Russian funding. They aim to replace democracies with elitist fiefdoms."

"When you're rich, they think you really know", said rebe Tevye. 
Wo da u zink, rebe Syoma?

"Finkelstein was also a strategist to Viktor Orban, the Hungarian president who had been befriended by Firtash’s boss Semion Mogilevich in the nineties. Mogilevich and the Russian mob he oversees routinely perform favours for Putin and work closely with Russian intelligence. Hungary, under Orban’s leadership, still purchases gas from Rosukrenergo, which is a joint creation of by Firtash and Mogilevich. The circle is complete."

If I were a rich man -Best Version ever
Firtash's fiddlers on (under?) Manhattan roofs - songsWednesday December 4