Mueller report: Trump and America wait for Barr to disclose findings - 9:36 AM 3/24/2019

Donald Trump | The Guardian: Mueller report: Trump and America wait for Barr to disclose findings

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America woke on Sunday to a second day of waiting to find out what is in the Mueller report – and to more uncharacteristic circumspection from the president.
Another great day on the links! Thank you to POTUS for having me and to EVERYONE at Trump International for being so wonderful. What a great man, so down to earth and so fun to be with!! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!! -Kid Rock
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 Donald Trump | The Guardian

bbcnews's YouTube Videos: Why this is not the end of Islamic State - BBC News 

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From: bbcnews
Duration: 02:46

The Islamic State group has lost its last stronghold in Iraq and Syria after its defeat in the town of Baghuz.
Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have driven IS fighters out, marking the end of a five-year battle.
But BBC Arabic special correspondent Feras Kilani explains that this is unlikely to be the end of the group.
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 bbcnews's YouTube Videos

"israel and germany" - Google News: Thyssenkrupp says firm tied to PM not involved in submarine deal under question - The Times of Israel

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Thyssenkrupp says firm tied to PM not involved in submarine deal under question  The Times of Israel
A prominent rabbi speaking at the launch of the United Torah Judaism election campaign has compared Israel unfavorably to Nazi Germany over the Jewish ...
 "israel and germany" - Google News

Thyssenkrupp says firm tied to PM not involved in submarine deal under question

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Jordanian parliament mourns Palestinian terrorist by reading a Quran chapter

The Jordanian parliament honors a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis last week by reading a Quran chapter in his memory.
Omar Abu Laila, 18, stabbed a soldier in the northern West Bank and managed to gain control of his weapon on March 17, before embarking on a shooting spree. The soldier, 19-year-old Sgt. Gal Keidan, was declared dead at the scene, and Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, 47, who was hit by a bullet fired by the terrorist as he drove by, died the next day.
On Tuesday, the assailant was killed during a shootout with IDF soldiers near Ramallah after a two-day manhunt.
The eulogy for Abu Laila this morning was organized by MP Khalil Atiyeh, who last week saluted him — before he was killed — for “killing the Jews.”
“I salute the Palestinian people and the Jerusalemites… in beloved Palestine,” Atiyeh said during a parliament session last Monday.
During today’s parliament discussion, Atiyeh stood up to salute Abu Laila again and recited the Quran passage, after which all the people present in the parliamentary hall rose to honor him.
Meanwhile, a mourning tent for the terrorist was introduced near the capital Amman, according to Israel’s Kan public broadcaster.

M.N.: From the occasional thoughts: The human race deserves the one and the one emotion only: the deep, broad, unlimited, and well based and founded feeling of despise. - Google Search

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Image result for M.N.: From the occasional thoughts: The human race deserves the one and the one emotion only: the deep, broad, unlimited, and well based and founded feeling of despise.

On live TV, Netanyahu admits approving submarine sale to Egypt because of 'state secret' - Israel Election 2019

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied any financial connection to the sale of German submarines to Egypt on Saturday evening and said his reasons for approving the sale are "state secrets." In addition, Netanyahu admitted that the decision was made without the involvement of the defense minister and the chief of staff.
In a surprise interview on Channel 12 news, his first in three years, the premier denied any wrongdoing in the submarine affair and addressed recent allegations about his investments in the Seadrift steel factory. 
Netanyahu noted that he purchased the steel shares with his own money while serving as a Knesset member, contradicting his previous version, according to which he bought them while he was not in office. 
"I want to blow up this entire blood libel," Netanyahu said. According to him, Steeldrift "was a company with great technological capacity but it was managed poorly." 
By Netanyahu’s account, in 2007, while he was opposition leader, he acquired shares in the Texas-based company Seadrift Coke, which was managed by his cousin, Nathan Milikowsky.
Seadrift was later acquired by Ohio-based GrafTech International, a maker of materials needed for steelmaking, which was a supplier to German industrial group ThyssenKrupp. The German company later sold submarines to Israel and Egypt.

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According to the prime minister, he sold the shares in November 2010, a year and a half after becoming prime minister. "There is no connection between the investment I made and the submarines," the premier said. "I sold all my shares in this company a year and a half before the first submarine was sold. There is no essential connection." 
Netanyahu gave the interview before departing for Washington, where he is expected to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump and address the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. 
The prime minister said that he could not reveal his reasons for authorizing the sale of submarines to Egypt because they are state secrets. "My reasons are security reasons and security reasons alone. The State of Israel has secrets that only the prime minister knows and a handful of people."
Germany had not needed Israel’s formal approval for the sale to Egypt, but because of the special relationship between Israel and Germany, Berlin approached Israel on the issue.
The premier went on to address claims that reports regarding the alleged profits he made from the submarine sale were circulated to hurt him. "This came out when it became clear that the Iranians hacked into Benny Gantz's phone," the prime minister said, seemingly suggesting that the report was published to hurt his standing among voters so that he wouldn't gain from the hit his main opponent Gantz suffered. 
Earlier this month, it was reported that Iranian intelligence breached the device of Gantz, the co-chair of the political alliance Kahol Lavan. The latter confirmed the report. 
Netanyahu went on to blast the former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, saying: "These elections are about if we'll allow a leftist government headed by Gantz and Lapid who are dressing themselves up as right or center-right."
Asked whether he would promote a law that would block his indictment if elected in the April 9 ballot, Netanyahu replied: "No way, I didn't deal with this and I do not plan to deal with this. I believe I won't do something like this."
He added that the Likud party he heads will "stand against Iranian pressure. Ten generals won't help if we don't have the right policy. They will support an Iran deal."
Netanyahu also went after other members of Kahol Lavan who accused him of corruption in the submarine affair: Co-founder Yair Lapid and members Moshe Ya'alon and Gabi Ashkenazi. 
The prime minister said he intended to sue the four, adding: "Gantz, Bogie [Ya'alon] and Ashkenazi are telling a tale because they know I can't reveal one of Israel's state secrets here on live television."
Kahol Lavan issued a response following Netanyahu's interview, calling him "hysterical." 
"He changes his version of events again and again, avoids difficult questions and continues to slander. We got no answers about his 16 million shekels in profits. If there was a secret, which there isn’t because he just invented it, why did he agree to sell advanced submarines to Egypt without alerting the security establishment?" the statement read, adding:
"The only thing that can be said to his merit is that he has finally internalized what others have already figured out: He’s going to lose the election."
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M.N.: From the occasional thoughts: The human race deserves the one and the one emotion only: deep, broad, unlimited, and well based and founded despise.

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M.N.: From the occasional thoughts: The human race deserves the one and the one emotion only: deep, broad, unlimited, and well based and founded despise. 

The Rise and Rise of Death Online

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The remaining founder, Hayden Hewitt, who made the decision not to host the Christchurch video, acknowledged that Liveleak’s audience leans right, and that a racist contingent has found a home on the site. “Yes, people who want to see these things will be drawn to it,” he said. “It’s as plain as the nose on your face.”
He described racism as “the epitome of stupidity,” but recited familiar complaints about the extremes of “both sides.” (“If you criticize the Israeli government, some people will claim you’re anti-Semitic because of that. And if you criticize radical Islam, you’re often accused of being Islamophobic,” he said.) He hosts an internet show called “Trigger Warning,” on which he laments the rise of political correctness. He told me he believes that conservative speech is being suppressed on larger internet platforms, and that as long as that’s true, its users will trend even further to the right.
On shock sites, extreme violence often pairs with extreme politics. Whether witnessing the worst breeds particular views or spaces catering to one taboo invite others is less obvious. But Dr. Tait remembers racism as central to the community on Ogrish, as well. “One of the most popular threads was a thread about white supremacy,” she remembered. “It was a lengthy debate that was really trying to give a scientific basis for racism.”
“A lot of people talked about the reason for watching beheading videos, for example, as really wanting to see what the enemy was capable of,” she said. “And it was very associated with the right, and with the hatred of Arabs.”
In a 2017 article for Participations, a media studies journal, the writer Mike Alvarez wrote of BestGore, another large shock site: “It is apparent from the data that BestGore users do not view all human lives as equal.” Comments, often presented as jokes, “betray a view of humanity in which the life of the ‘other’ is deemed less valuable, if not valueless,” he wrote. On many shock sites, videos portraying police interactions, including shootings that elsewhere have inspired activist movements and debates about racism in law enforcement, are viewed as a case of the victims getting what they deserve.
After it was branded an alternative to mainstream news, Liveleak became popular with American soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and accumulated a library of footage of violence unfolding in Middle East, often posted with minimal context. There is footage from drones; of the aftermath of firefights; of mangled bodies. There is a lot of footage of cartel violence, though, as common on such sites, attribution is sparse and often unreliable, and the dead are treated as interchangable sources of content. (The most popular post of all time on the site, according to Mr. Hewitt, was the cellphone video of the execution of Saddam Hussein.)
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Attorney general reviewing still-secret Mueller report - YouTube Sunday March 24th, 2019 at 6:21 AM - Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks℠

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